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ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit IN STOCK
ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit IN STOCK
ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit IN STOCK
ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit IN STOCK
ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit IN STOCK
ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit IN STOCK
ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit IN STOCK
ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit IN STOCK

ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit IN STOCK


The ATLAS Throttle Lock is the most "universal" and intuitive throttle lock ever made.  Designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. It will be the last throttle lock you’ll ever need to buy.

The Atlas Throttle Lock is a mechanical cruise control.  A “throttle Lock” can be a little misleading because this product doesn’t actually “lock” the throttle of your motorcycle. When it’s engaged it simply holds your throttle in any position you leave it in. When you want to adjust your speed, simply rotate the throttle like normal. It uses pressure and friction to prevent the throttle from rotating freely.

The unit is clamped to the plastic throttle tube between your rubber grip flange and the throttle housing. The lock has two buttons, one to engage the unit, the other to disengage the unit.

Top Kit vs. Bottom Kit
To see which unit is best for your motorcycle please CLICK HERE

Installation is dead simple.  HOWEVER, if you are not a mechanically minded person, there is no shame in taking it down to your local dealer and asking them to do it.  They will be able to do it and if not, they will be able to explain what the problem is.  There are thousands of ATLAS throttle locks installed on ALL makes and models of bikes.  If you have an installation problem, please take it to your local dealer.

Leave the grips, bar ends, handguards and Dremel alone! The ATLAS Throttle Lock bolts on to your throttle tube with minimal effort. Our intelligent ratcheting mechanism will clamp the ATLAS to any throttle tube diameter, from 7/8” to 1-1/4”.  CLICK HERE to view the installation instructions.

What's included with the Kit?

Your kit comes with everything you need to mount the ATLAS.

  • Installation Instructions
  • Allen Key (2mm)
  • 2 M3 Bolts with thread locker
  • 3 sizes of friction pads (2 of each)
  • Alcohol Prep Pad
  • Stickers

FOR BOTTOM KIT PURCHASE  CLICK ARROW ON RIGHT OF “Top Kit” until “Bottom Kit” shows, then click on it.

Heated Grips 

On bikes with OEM heated grips that have a hidden wire in the throttle tube, the heated grip is usually completely integrated into the tube in some way, not just glued. So if you need to create more room, you can pull on the grip flange a bit to create the space, but be very careful or you might damage some part of the heating element or wire inside. This is true even of aftermarket heated grips with a wire coming off the grip flange, but hidden wire heated grips with their integrated tube setup need extra care.

Before Purchase

If you are unsure if this item will fit to your bike, check that your bike has enough room to fit the Atlas Throttle Lock (3mm) without having to pull back the grip flange too much.  If you have issues with fitment, installation or function, please reach out to us first.  We will troubleshoot with you and, in most cases, can get you properly set up after a quick email or phone call. Feel free to send us photos of the issue as well - that helps us quickly understand what's going on and how we can best help. Send photos and/or videos to with an explanation of the issue you are experiencing.


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Products may not be eligible for return if the product is damaged from misuse, neglect, accident, improper or careless installation or products which have been modified in any way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Wifes Rebel 500

Im having trouble getting it to lock as it slips back slowly, gives enough time to rest the throttle arm. I will tweek it and get it done but it's fiddly with heated grips. Over all this is a good thing.

Geoffrey Turrin
Atlas Throttle Lock

Needed to use Spacer Size 2 as Spacer Size 1 was to loose. Will probably only use it if I was touring long distance. Regards Geoff.

Cheyne Jones
Manage your expectations

I read a lot of reviews on this product where people were upset that this item didn’t perform like an electronic ride-by-wire cruise control system. I think if you approach this product with common sense you will get exactly what it is. And what it is, is a best in market throttle lock.

It was easy to install, even on my ninja1000 with a weird distance that was too tight for a medium and too loose for a small pad and I had to double the small pads up on one another.

Once fitted and comfortable the item performed exactly as promised. It locked when I pressed the button (more force than I thought it would take). It releases quickly when I depress the button. It holds tight but allows micro adjustments whilst being locked.

Yes, you will slow uphill and speed up down hill and wind resistance will slow or speed you up. Also, if you lock it early when throttling on you will continue to gain speed because you aren’t coasting. If you have realistic expectations about this product you will love it.

I used it on two trips, each of 1000Km (600freedom units). I only used it for about 30min on each trip but boy oh boy was it a welcome use when I used it!

I would recommend this product to anyone doing trips on open highways longer than 4 hours. Otherwise I’d say save your money or upgrade to a bike with actual cruise control.

I have zero regrets getting this product.

Angelo Campana
Relaxed hand

Great product, all bikes without cruise control should purchase the Atlas throttle lock.

Mark Bubb
Does the job

Ordered one for my ktm fits well. Good for giving your throttle hand a rest on long rides.