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It’s winter, it’s chilly, foggy and occasionally rainy.  You’ve probably done your share of swearing inside your helmet because of a fogged visor or glasses.
I’ve used a number of products with varying degrees of success BUT I think I’ve found something that’s “A” Easy to apply, “B” actually works VERY well and “C” one application last quite a long time.
The kit comes with an application pen and a microfiber cloth.  To apply, unscrew the end off the pen, give the other end 3 or 4 pumps to get the liquid flowing onto the brush, brush/paint your glasses, let dry for 10-15 seconds then lightly wipe off the excess with the supplied cloth.
You’ll get around 70 applications from the pen, that works out around 50 cents an application.  Cheap insurance for clear vision.
Safe to use on all types of lenses (not contact lenses).  Alcohol, silicone and ammonia free. 
Can be used on safety glasses, safety goggles, prescription glasses, face shields, masks, visors, sports optics, windows, mirrors.