MotoPressor Mini Pump
MotoPressor Mini Pump
MotoPressor Mini Pump

MotoPressor Mini Pump

The MotoPressor Mini Pump enables you to pre-select a tyre pressure, pump your tyres and the pump will automatically switch OFF when it reaches the pre-selected pressure. On top of that you have the option to power the pump off a mini jump starter (sold separately), which gives you the mobility to move about with the pump.

Here’s how it works. Connect the MotoPressor Mini Pump to either your motorcycle battery OR a mini jump starter. Select a pressure scale either PSI, BAR or KPA. Select the pressure you would like to pump your tyres to. Switch the pump ON, stand back and let the pump do the work. Once the pump reaches the pre-selected tyre pressure it switches OFF automatically. How easy is that.

The kit includes the pump with a digital pressure gauge and all the power leads and connectors to enable you to run off your motorcycle battery or a mini jump starter. All this is packed neatly into a sturdy carry case. Weighs 503g, dimensions 127 x 105 x 53 mm, pumps to a max 100psi and will pump a 120/70 R19 tyre to 36psi in 3min 20sec and a 170/60 R17 tyre to 40psi in 6min 45sec.

NOTE:  We recommend using the included direct connect battery lead to power the pump.  If you choose to power the pump from an accessory socket or an existing lead, please check the socket will handle up to 15A.  The pump will pull between 8A and 11A at startup depending on the tyre pressure.

The pump is CE approved and comes with our no nonsense five (5) year product warranty.

The pump has a "screw on chuck" fixed to the end of the hose.  If you feel you will not be able to screw the chuck on and off your valve without losing too much air, then may we suggest buying a Clip-on 90 Degree Valve extensionScrew that onto the end of the hose and you now have a Clip-on chuck.

Click HERE to view a demo of the Mini Pump.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Awesome piece of kit

Mates brought me this kit a few years ago at Phillip Island and I have used this at least 50 times (had a crap seal on a front tyre last year) and this unit is easy to use, constant, consistent reliable pressure and easy to travel in its protective case. The best save your ass in the middle of nowhere piece of kit in my luggage.

MIni Pump

The MotoPressor Mini Pump is a great tool to easily inflate your tyres to the preset PSI. I previously owned the MotoPressor Pocket Pump which was great and this takes it to the next level.

michael elphick
mick elphick

Only used once ,worked very well.

Lyndon Anderson
Greater independence

I nervously deflated my tyres in my garage in order to try out the mini pump and can confirm that it performs really well, is easy to program to the desired pressure and is relatively quick to inflate. In the end I did attach the permanent cables to the battery because 1) this will definitely make life easier in the field and 2) in my opinion the only downside of this kit is the overly large crocodile clips; given the portable ‘mini’ status of the product I think smaller clips should be provided as standard (if there is such a thing)!

Mark Creely
Motopressor mini pump

Very happy with the unit, compact, light. Works as described and well packaged.