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No Noise Sleep

No Noise Sleep

Are you often awoken by noise? Getting a poor night’s rest is not only a nuisance, it’s also bad for your health. A good hearing protector that filters out all disturbing sounds is the solution. NoNoise™ hearing protectors are specifically developed to provide a good night’s rest, using unique ceramic filters positioned deep in the hearing canal. This ensures optimal noise dampening while allowing you to hear crucial sounds, such as a crying baby or an alarm clock. Made of a specially developed SoftFit Thermoplastic™ material, these ear plugs are comfortable enough to wear during your entire sleep cycle.

The best choice for a good night’s sleep for 25 years.

The innovative NoNoise™ hearing protectors were created by a prominent European expert who has been developing and producing professional hearing protectors for many years. The unique ceramic* acoustic filter and hypoallergenic, silicone-free SoftFit-Thermoplastic ear plugs ensure maximum hearing protection and wearer comfort. These ear plugs can be worn comfortably all day and will fit most adults, adolescents, and many children.


NoNoise™ earplugs. Designed specifically for a good night’s sleep.

  • Softens snoring & background noise
  • Keeps important alerts audible (child, alarm)
  • Supports your natural sleep cycle
  • The only ear plug with a ceramic* acoustic filter
  • Comfortable, washable & reusable
  • Long life durability, even with daily use
  • Did you know that a snoring sleeper can produce sound levels up to 90 dB? Sound above 85 dB can cause permanent hearing damage. NoNoise™ Sleep hearing protectors are specifically developed to enhance sleep at night or during the day. They effectively filter out all sound to a safe level, without the ‘blocked ears’ (occlusion) effect of traditional ear plugs. Comfortable and durable, these hearing protectors help ensure you have pleasant dreams!

Customer Reviews

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I normally won't write reviews for privacy reasons but this business and the product they believe in deserves credit.
I initially chose these over everything else from a motor cyclists personal opinion to combat my light sleeping behaviour and my wife's snoring. I love her to bits but my loss of sleeping was making me grumpy and sometimes irritable with simple requests and general conversations.
I read the blurb and was undecided between the sleep and motorsport versions thinking that wind noise whilst cycling is somewhat irritating (and long term, damaging). But the sleep was more important.
I've used foam ear plugs in the past and they hurt after some time if they don't fall out. These Nonoise seemed too small but went into my ear canals, which are noticeably different, with a little manipulation. I was worried they would become uncomfortable and wake me. And they did. But this was after about 6 hours solid sleep and the annoyance was slight enough that I could remove them and go back to sleep. I also sleep on my sides and front but they didn't bother me from pillow impact.
They muted nearly all sound and I found myself falling asleep faster than usual. This review though, was prompted from two nights ago when we had a thunderstorm sometime after midnight and a tow truck dropping off a crashed vehicle to a near neighbours house a 2am. I only knew of it from family members telling me of the noisy incidents in the morning. This, in itself, made me grateful of the choice I made and the reason for this review.
The motor cyclists who use these know this already.
Highly recommended.