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No more riding with one hand blocking the sun's glare. No more squinting. No more sunglasses. Originally developed for aviation, the Helmet Sunblocker is a plasticized, polymer film which is installed on the INSIDE of your helmet, ABOVE your line of sight.

This lets in light, but not the glare, keeping your eyes in the shade all the time.

Adheres to INSIDE of face-shield with soap and water like a decal.  100% UV protection and will fit ALL helmets with a face shield.  Fully TRANSFERABLE from helmet to helmet, eliminates glare, reduces stress, tension and fatigue and makes for a cooler helmet.

Easy Installation

Simply fill a bowl with warm water. Add liquid dish washing detergent and stir. Place the Helmet Sunblocker in soapy water and without removing face shield - and in the closed position, slide the Sunblocker into place on the INSIDE of face shield to the top of the visor, above your line of sight. Remove any bubbles with your fingers and a dry towel and let dry for approx. 30 minutes.